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Why we take a neutral stance in factual disputes

Why we take a neutral stance in factual disputes

Complete-Reviews is not in a position to decide on disputes between companies and reviewers who disagree about the events relating to buying or service experiences.

If a company and a reviewer disagree about what happened during a particular buying or service experience, Complete-Reviews takes a neutral stance.

For example, we don't decide who is correct if a reviewer writes a review on Complete-Reviews stating the product they ordered was delivered late, but the company disagrees and claims that the product was delivered on time.

We take a neutral stance

In these situations, we don't see ourselves as being in a position to determine who's right or wrong, or which set of facts is correct. We're not a court of law. Rather, Complete-Reviews is a community that facilitates dialogue between companies and consumers. Therefore, we don't have any other option than to take a neutral stance.

If a business disagrees with one of its customers over the course of events, instead of looking to have that review amended or removed, we recommend that the company writes a reply to the review and tells their side of the story in a friendly tone.

Complete Reviews users who read the review and the company's reply will be able to see both sides of the story, and gain a more objective overview of the facts. This allows them to make up their own minds about how much weight they should give to the review in question.

Companies can turn it into an opportunity

Also, it is our experience that companies that respond well to negative feedback on Complete-Reviews can turn a bad review into a positive opportunity to resolve an outstanding issue and/or even build their reputation.

If companies engage with customers in a constructive way and show they genuinely care about their customers, this often leaves Complete-Reviews users with a good impression. We also note that reviewers are able to edit their reviews at any time to reflect a changed opinion of a company.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our Content Integrity Team.

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